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Pakistan at a Glance

As a tourist destination, Pakistan is probably one of the world's best kept secrets.

Not only does it offer some of the highest and most spectacular mountain ranges in the world, but also boasts architectural glories of the Mughal empire as well as the drama, and adventure of the Khyber Pass; moreover, it also holds the magical Karakoram Highway which travels 1300km through stunning scenery beside the Indus and Hunza rivers, and over high mountain passes into central Asia.

Although subject to security concerns, Pakistan offers a number of advantages: tourism is minimal and much of the country remains undiscovered by international travelers; Pakistanis are, by nature, welcoming people and meet travelers with genuine warmth and enthusiasm; the ancient bazaars offer unrivalled shopping; the cuisine is one of the most multi-facetted in the world, and the culture and music are some of the most colorful elements.

Official name

Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which means ‘Pure Land'

Capital City


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Economic Conditions of Pakistan

Growth & Investment
GDP = $210 billion (nominal) : $488 billion (GDP-PPP)
GDP growth     2.6%
Per Capita Income = $1,254 : Increase = 0.7%

Manufacturing & Mining
Growth = 1.2% Actual

Fiscal Development
Budget 2010-2011 = Rs.2,961,504 Million
Tax Collections = Rs.1,156 Billion Actual (Rs.1,667 Billion Target)
Deficit = Rs.511 Billion

Money, Credit & Debt
Govt. Borrowings = Rs.342.2 Billion
State Bank = Rs.196.3 Billion
Other Commercial Banks = Rs.275.9 Billion
External Debt = $59.5 Billion
Domestic Debt = $63 Billion

Consumer Price Index = 14.1% (11.5% Last year)
Food Inflation = 18.4% (10.4% Last year)
Affected Goods = Sugar, Milk, Poultry, Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Trade & Payments
Overall Exports = $2.7 Billion
Overall Imports = $4.1 Billion
Trade Deficit = $12.1 Billion
Exchange Rate Depreciation = 2.2%

Currently 228,376 Institutions are working for 38.33 Million Students with 1.41 Million Staff.
Budget = Rs.24 Billion Annually (Equivalent to 24-Days Spending of Pakistan Army)
Overall Literacy Rate (Above 10 Levels) = 57.7% (0.5% Increase than Last year)
Male = 69.5%
Female = 45.2%
Urban Areas = 73.2%
Rural Areas = 49.2%
Punjab = 59.6%
Sindh = 58.2%
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa = 50.9%
Balochistan = 51.5%
Health & Nutrition
Budget = Rs.42 Billion (Rs.18.7 billion development and Rs. 23.3 billion current expenditure)

At present, there are 972 hospitals, 4842 dispensaries, 5344 basic health units and 909 maternity and child health centers in Pakistan.

With availability of 144,901 doctors, 10,508 dentists, 73,244 nurses and 104,137 hospital beds in the country by 2010-11, the population and health facilities ratio works out at 1222 persons per doctors, 16,854 persons per dentist.

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Education for Christians in Pakistan

The missionary schools and colleges with better buildings, experienced staff and English medium of instruction in Pakistan remained business concerns and only served the children of feudal lords, businessmen and officials of civil service when Christians never enjoyed privileges nor were beneficiary to missionary academic institutions.

The statistical data pertains education standard among Pakistani Christian population indicates that only 6% have the primary school education having ability to read and write, 4% of Christians have the high school education and are eligible to compete on grade 4 pay scale jobs in government and semi government institutions, 1% Christians have the college education and able to compete on grade12 to 17 pay scale government jobs, 0.5% Christians have the higher studies and professional education. These figures declare very alarming situation when Christians have even lower education percentage comparing to general population rate of 13%. The Christians are 15% of total population with 8% literacy rate.

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Livelihood of Christians in Pakistan

Due to lack of resources, illiteracy, poverty and other relevant factors; majority of Christian population is compelled to perform odd jobs in order to earn their livelihood and meet their daily household expenditures. These jobs may include but not are limited to sweepers, sewerage cleaners, garbage collectors, brick factory laborers, general laborers, loaders, rickshaw drivers, etc. Women do also have to work side by side to their husbands in similar segments. In case of Brick factory, the laborers range from grandparents to children. Due to other socio-political factors they are mostly expelled out of their duties and jobs resulting into hunger and famine in their homes. Now these people are deprived to indulge in illegal activities and manners of earning. Such as selling of Drugs, alcohol, narcotics, etc. And women have to labor in riches’ houses as housemaids or prostitutes.

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Christianity in Pakistan

Pakistan is a democratic country which came into existence on 14th August 1947 with great efforts of people of Sub-Continent (India, Pakistan & Bangladesh). It was governed by East India Company under British Rule. British ruled over 200 years in this sub-continent after defeating various groups and states of Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and others. This is why, the hatred arises in the hearts of Muslim as British were Christians and their last rival were Muslims rulers whom they defeated and took over the country.

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