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ARK Foundation launches its new projects

ARK Foundation launches its new projects for the year 2014. All projects comprises of annual budget in US Dollars 10 Million with total Expenditure outlay on program services USD 9.50 which is 95% of the total revenue fund. The other 5% goes to Administration & Management Expenditure.

This budget will be duly distributed among all 3 Ministries of ARK Foundation i.e. Christian, Welfare & Social, Health & Relief in a manner 20%, 50% and 30% respectively which will be USD 2.0 Million, 5.0 and 3.0 Million. "This better and higher budget ever has been so announced to expand and grow the services and collaborative efforts of the Foundation for the Service of Lord and His People", says President Oliver Bruce. "This is to enhance the humanity, peace and harmony among the people of Pakistan who are facing more distressed circumstances and pressure of survival. We will not let ourselves of back foot and will sustain to steadfast in the front line to serve our Lord and distressed humanity through all of our mutual efforts, joy and resources."

This brought a new passion and motivation to the entire team to serve even more better in the history of Pakistan not only for Christians and also for other brethren.

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